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Business setup in Ajman Media city

Business setup in Ajman Media city is the latest freezone in United Arab Emirates, located in Ajman Emirate

Ajman Media City Freezone announced a range of cost-effective license packages for new business investors. The owner of companies are issued with almost 11 documents upon formation of freezone company in Ajman. The most attractive feature of this Ajman Media City is the perfect list of deliverables after registration of freezone company. Ajman media ciy provides the oportunity to entreprenurs to setup our business in ajman media city of their own setup

Uaecompanyset can setup your business in Ajman Media city freezone with minimum cost and documentation.our company experts helps to setup your business in Ajman Media center in 24hrs.

Advantages of Ajman Media City Freezone

  • Client’s presence is not mandatory.
  • 100 % ownership of your business.
  • License issued in 1 day.
  • Multiple business activities in one license
  • No corporate or personal income taxin ajman
  • Quick and simple registration process
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

Business setup in Ajman Media city company registration is quick and is done by the registered business agents of the free zone. Uaecompanyset is registered company in UAE.we will do all the paperwork hassle-free for you.

Procedure to Register your Ajman Media City freezone with uaecompanyset

Uaecompanyset experts helps to Business setup in Ajman Media city. The steps are follows-

  1. Contact Uaecompanyset
  2. Our company experts help’s to plan your business in Ajman Media city.
  3. provide the all ncessary documents.
  4. uaecompanyset will do the ncessary documentation and will take the ncessary approval.
  5. Once approved, you company willl be incorporated.All this would be done in 1day only.